Yoga Classes

Welcome to Lionhearted Yoga Studio. Our yoga community is a unique community with a unique mission. We mindfully combine the warmth and wellbeing of yogic practice in ways that are accessible for all. We truly embody the principles of Community Oriented Policing and Community Yoga. Our intent is to strengthen our human bonds while we strengthen our bodies, minds, and spirits.


What is Community Oriented Policing? This is a philosophy that stresses the importance of community involvement and partnerships between officers and citizens. Officers are encouraged to be an active member of and presence in their community.

What is community-based yoga? Community yoga classes are for people who may not have tried yoga otherwise. The classes provide a safe space to explore the benefits of ongoing practice free from competition or judgment.

What happens to my unused class credits? Class packages are non-refundable. Take heart though because any unused credits will be donated to our scholarship fund! You can feel well knowing that your unused credits will help someone in our community to continue their relationship with us and their yoga practice.

How does Lionhearted Studio give back? We love our community and our students. All students who commit to 11 months as a “Running with My Pack” (unlimited class package) contributor will be gifted their 12th month free. The 11 months do not have to be consecutive (for you world travelers out there!).