Respond in Faith

The research is very clear: individuals with active spiritual lives report feeling happier, being healthier, having more satisfying relationships, and feeling better equipped to deal with stress. Our Respond in Faith activities are designed to encourage you on your journey and to help you connect with like-minded individuals from the Responder community.

Are you a person of faith? Do you believe in the immeasurable power of prayer? Then we have a niche for you! One of our programs, modelled after the classic Shield a Badge intercessory prayer program, is a personal and private way to support our Responder Community. From your very own sacred space you can commit to praying for a specific Responder or agency every day, for one year. It’s that simple. But don’t let “simple” fool you. Our “Shield a Badge” volunteers are sharing beautiful, touching stories about the moving ways this commitment is impacting their lives. James, one of our Intercessors, is special needs and has always loved fire fighters and the fire service. He gets up early every morning to pray for fire personnel. We also have a lively group of retired Adrian Dominican Sisters who live in Adrian, Michigan who pray for our medical responders daily.

Reach out to us to establish a point of contact for your faith-based community and to bring Respond in Faith programming to your congregation. Contact Dr. Deborah Ontiveros to learn more.