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Texans to the Rescue is an El Paso-based organization that supports first responders, those within the public safety community and their families. Our mission is to support the physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being of responders and their families through education, outreach and fellowship. We believe the best support is achieved through genuine relationships.

Texans to the Rescue welcomes all responders and public safety workers. This includes all law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMS, dispatchers, emergency medical professionals and medical examiners.

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We focus on three main initiatives to
promote wellness and community outreach.

Texans to the Rescue
Respond in Faith
I Love a Responder
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Join Us

We host yoga sessions, book clubs, support groups, spiritual growth groups, trainings for peers, clinicians and chaplains, and social events throughout the year. Join a community of responders and their families.

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Volunteer With Us

Providing support and fellowship is a community effort that wouldn’t be possible without volunteers.

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