Monalisa Garcia-Torres
Board President and Special Advisor for Community Foundations

Monalisa Garcia-Torres recently retired from Social Security Administration as a Claims Representative after 21 years. Prior to Social Security, Monalisa worked in the banking industry as a Loan Officer. Monalisa devoted herself to several decades as a Family Readiness Group advisor supporting Army units her husband served with over a 32-year career. As a Family Readiness Group advisor, Monalisa coached and mentored military spouses dealing with hardships such as separations, financial planning, and lose. In addition, she advised senior Army Commanders on developing and maintaining contact rosters and unit level group activities to provide information and build interpersonal connection. Monalisa received recognition for her exceptional volunteer service as the Fort Carson Volunteer of the year while her husband was deployed to Iraq and she was maintaining a home with their daughter and son. She continues to stay connected with her military spouses to provide support and advise. As a retiree, Monalisa now fills her days with volunteering, being a book club member, bike riding, painting, and avid practitioner of yoga. She plans to attend training to become a yogi.