Support Dog

Hello all, my name is Prince Buddha Bear, I have been with my human for the last seven years. I picked my human when I was nine weeks old. I have gone through extensive training with my human to become a service animal. I spent two years in training and have been in the field for five years with my human. I take him everywhere I go; my training includes services for diabetic, seizures, and PTSD. I have training in therapy and emotional support. My primary duties are for my human, but I also watch out for those I have chosen to bring into my pack. My human and I are currently attending grad school at the University of Texas- El Paso for Rehabilitation Counseling master program. My goal is to have myself and my human graduate and have the opportunity to work with Veterans, First Responders, and front-line medical personnel and their families. I like long naps, cuddling and swimming in my pool. I also like to take road trips and post them to my Facebook blog. Nowadays I have a little sister, Daisy Mae. I’m teaching her all my cool skills and tricks.